Our sustainability vision: Rockland Resources will make an increasingly positive impact on stakeholders while exploring for resources to help supply the world's growing nuclear industry.


A Case for Sustainability

Operating in a sustainable manner is a smart business practice which helps us maintain positive relationships with our stakeholders, identify areas of concern, engage and retain our employees. Sustainable business practices continue to improve our business, keeping the company competitive in today’s markets and the markets in the future.


Related Opportunities and Challenges

There are numerous opportunities and some challenges when working to achieve sustainability. Although Rockland Resources is based on established principles of sustainability, the road never ends. There are many bumps and unforeseen turns along the way. These are some of the opportunities and challenges we have identified in the past few years:

  • Managing our growth and change responsibly in a global economy;
  • Recruiting and retaining the right people in a changing demographic and economy;
  • Reducing our environmental impacts without compromising our ability to operate today and in the future;
  • Exploring for minerals in a safe and efficient manner; and
  • Keeping our employees, contractors, and communities safe, healthy and secure.