Health and Safety

Policy Statement

Rockland Resources is a safety conscious Company committed to operating in a manner that will ensure that the highest, practical standards of occupational health and safety are maintained at all of its operations.
Rockland Resources personnel will ensure that all of their activities are carried out in the manner required by the appropriate legislation and standards, and that a healthy and safe workplace is maintained. This will be achieved by all personnel, to the extent that their responsibilities require, participating in:

  • Ongoing training and supervision
  • Ongoing accident prevention awareness and hazard control
  • Safe plant, machinery and operating procedures
  • Wearing protective clothing and equipment
  • Maintaining facilities for immediate care of employees.

All Rockland Resources personnel share the responsibility of ensuring the safe well-being of all persons in the workplace. This will be achieved by:

  • Adhering to safe work practices, instructions, rules and statutory regulations
  • Performing all tasks in a safe manner
  • Ensuring that no-one is allowed to work in an unsafe/unhealthy situation or in an unsafe manner
  • Isolating all dangerous situations and promptly reporting all accidents or incidents, unsafe practices and conditions
  • Co-operating with fellow workers to ensure that everyone's responsibilities are fulfilled.

Acceptance of these responsibilities by all parties and the development of a team attitude to safety and training is essential for the development and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment.


Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities of all Rockland Resources employees and contractors

Rockland Resources expects all employees and contractors to perform their work in compliance with any applicable Regulatory Authority safety requirements, Codes of Practice, the Company’s Occupational Health and Safety Procedures, the Safety Management Plan, any Health and Safety instructions given by the Company and all other safe work practices including:

  • Ensure the proper use and maintenance of all plant, machinery, tools and safety equipment
  • Promote a safe working environment by encouraging fellow employees, contractors and visitors to site to comply with all legislative and company rules and procedures
  • Report injuries, illness or near misses immediately using the appropriate accident and incident report forms. Provide copies of all accident and incident reports to site management as soon as practicable
  • Report unsafe work practices, acts, plant or tools as well as hazardous or unsafe areas of the workplace.

The additional responsibilities of all site supervisors and managers include:

  • Ensure personnel satisfactorily and safely carry out all responsibilities allocated to them and that they are adequately trained
  • Investigate or assist with the investigation of all accidents and incidents
  • Regularly inspect workplaces, practices and procedures, plant machinery and equipment
  • Conduct and actively participate in Safety and Tool Box meetings.